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Who are we, and what is our vision for our boot camps?

Fitness is fun. It is about feeling strong, confident, and powerful. It is not a number on a scale, but seeing yourself as you never have before and really loving how you feel. Fear can stop us from getting what we want. We want our clients to break through their fears and allow themselves to go for what is possible. We want to find what inspires and empowers our clients and help them reach their goals, small and big.

We create a partnership with our clients. We hold them accountable while listening to their concerns and tailoring a program to fit their needs. We provide a support system and community where they feel comfortable to share their successes and struggles with each other. When they are at Boot Camp, they are guaranteed to have fun and find the support they need to feel strong and gain confidence. In our small classes, people know they are going to get individual attention from us. They also know that we count on them to trust us and show up to class, and that they are missed when they don’t.

What we offer:

Fun, empowerment, inspiration, strength, support, friends, Facebook group page (motivation, recipes, updates), and new found confidence through our Nutrition  guidance and plans, strength and endurance workouts, small class sizes, and having not just one, but, two trainers who are available for questions, feedback, accountability, and support.