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Alta T.

Nick is a great personal trainer, and I love each of our sessions. He is super passionate, inspiring and focused on my personal goals. He educates and guides me on how to reach my goals in the best/healthiest way possible. Not only is he a great personal trainer, but also has incredible input and advice. The gym is in a great location, and is always very clean. If you’re looking for a great personal trainer, this is the place to find one! Would definitely recommend!

Naomi W

X365 is a great, private gym with ample machines and weights. It’s open 24 hours and unlike other gyms, there’s a lot of respect amongst gym members.

Levi D.

This is the best gym in the area hands down. Its a smaller private gym, locally owned with a good vibe. It has nice equipment a great no douchebag policy and awesome trainers.

I train with Ron Lindsay and am very happy with his in depth knowledge about metabolism, body reset, and obviously his knowledge on proper execution of exercises.

Several of my friends and family know train with him after hearing what I have to say.

DeShawn B.

I’ve never really enjoyed going to the gym because of how crowded they usually are. I’ve been going to X365 since August of 2020 and I enjoy everything about it. The equipment is great, the staff is super chill, the facility itself is really clean. Ron Lindsey has been my PT since August of last year and has done an awesome job with helping me with my goals. He’s very knowledgeable when it comes to PT, coaching and meal plans. He always quickly responds to my questions. Overall I have enjoyed my experience at X365 and with Ron. I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey with X365 fitness and Ron!

Abbigale C.

X365 is, by far, my favorite gym in SLC. It’s a very welcoming and encouraging place to begin your fitness journey. It’s open 24/7, which is great, especially when working a swing/graveyard shift. It’s the CLEANEST gym I’ve ever attended, as well. Everything is organized and sanitized regularly.


Ron and his team are incredible people. The progress I’ve made at this gym has not only increased my confidence, but it has also increased my understanding of holistic health. I would give it more than 5 stars, if possible!

Bethany L.

My Fiancee and I moved to SLC for the winter and enjoyed attending X365Fitness. The facility is always clean and the staff is welcoming. Great equipment with enough room to get in a great work out.

Jenny S.

After cancelling all my gym memberships due to COVID, I was looking for a small, clean gym that I felt safe in with all the equipment I wanted. I researched all the gyms in the area and chose 365 fitness and it was exactly what I was looking for. Knowledgeable staff, clean facility, and all the equipment to get any workout in. The best part is that you can access the gym 24/7 so you can go whenever the workout bug gets you! I would recommend 365 fitness for sure!

Colby K.

Cleanest gym in Utah, hands down. Best staff and trainers who actually know what they’re talking about. It has made a huge difference to have some actually be knowledgeable about weight training and nutrition and how those things work together. Could not recommend this place more.

Joseph B.

My experience at X365 has literally been life changing. Nick and Ron keep X365 clean and well-equipped and welcoming. It’s been said that a good coach can help you win the game, but a great coach can change your life. As my personal trainer, Ron has changed my life.

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