Meet Our Team

Nick Olsen

CEO & Owner - X365 Fitness

I have had a deep passion for Fitness and the amazing changes living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, for over 2 decades. I am a certified life coach and personal trainer and I have combined the emotional and physical journey into one, so I can help people with real and life-long lifestyle transformations.

Ron Lindsey

COO & Owner - X365 Fitness

Being part of this team is a commitment to greatness. It’s a movement engaged in providing like-minded individuals with the tools necessary to be their best selves. This isn’t about acquiring Facebook friends, Instagram likes or followers. It’s about pursuing a passion.

Riley Bevan

Personal Trainer

I have had a deep passion for health and fitness from a very young age. This came from always being the “little guy” when I played sports growing up. So I made some huge lifestyle changes to improve not only my physical appearance but also my mental positivity.

Destinee Shook

Personal Trainer

I have 7 years of experience as a Certified Functional Strength Coach. Whether your goal is weight loss, building lean muscle mass, endurance training, or just overall health, I have experience with it all.  I  have been a trainer here at X365 fitness for 3 years now. This community is a family, and I love being here.

Amanda Stein

Personal Trainer

Amanda completed her BS degree at the University of Utah and has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. She also holds 4 NASM fitness and nutrition certifications and was awarded Park City personal trainer of the year.

Ciara Johnson

Personal Trainer

“Health is our greatest wealth” is a statement that I live by. Fitness, nutrition, and health should be a lifestyle approach that is sustainable to each individual and what that means to them on a personal level. Personal training is a passion that allows me to work with individuals from all different backgrounds with different end goals and figure out what works best for them, their goals, and their lives– to create a healthy lifestyle that they can stick with, not just try another fad diet or settle with a one size fits all workout program

Kendall Jackson

Personal Trainer

I am an N1 certified personal trainer and athletic coach. Health and Fitness has changed my life and allowed me to build confidence mentally and physically. My goal is to help others build habits that allow them to not only fulfill their own health and aesthetic goals but to provide longevity and sustainability in their lives. 

Chris Ward

Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Chris! I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, N1 Certified Personal Trainer, MMU Certified, and Registered Nurse. I have been in fitness for the past 12 years and participated in sports such as Soccer, Men’s Physique, and Powerlifting.

Brent Howell

Personal Trainer

I specialize in helping seniors (55+) regain physical strength, coordination, functional movement, improved cardiovascular condition, correct postural and balance conditions, and assist in joint injury and pre and post-surgery rehabilitation.

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